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Hello and welcome to the 2020 Great Covid-19 Crisis. You are a minions customs officer in the middle of a health crisis.

During 7 days civilians will come, some will want to see their families, others will simply go work, you decide whether according to their characteristics they can or cannot cross the border.

Make the right choices if you don't want people to rise up, the contagion to spread or an unprecedented economic crisis. Good luck.

Features :

• Analyze all civilian's specifications
• 4 different endings
• Dynamic environment
• Meaningful choices
• One button
• Fr/Eng

Notes :

We haven't figured out a good optimization for all PCs. 
Please feel free to communicate any problems encountered in the comments.

Credits :

“Music from https://www.zapsplat.com“ 

Developed by Okult Studio

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the game is like papers please or border officer i kinda like it you need stratigy and its just good i recommend it :)

Thanks :)

Great Game I'm Really Excited That Check In Is Free, Check In Reminds Me Of Papers Please

Thoroughly enjoyed this game! Gives simpler papers please vibes and i definitely think there's room to grow and add additional rules similar to papers please. The game looks great and is super well made, good job! :D Game play is below if interested :)


Feedback videos are always welcome and instructive for us so yes we are interested <3
Glad you enjoyed and thanks ^^

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took me a few tries to beat it, but other than that it's a good game! it's simple and perfect for a quiet night. it's very imfortative and reflects on current real-world issues. very fun game!

GG for the good ending and thanks for the feedback :)

I've finally beat this game! This is the second part :)


Good Job !

Nice game, it reflects the real-world difficulties we are facing, hope there will be more ending.

Thank you very much, our intention was for the player to face small dilemmas between his own vision of the crisis and the actual result through the 3 gauges. We're glad it worked with you !


Fun concept but the patients need more personality. 


Thank you for the feedback !
So cool to see people sharing and doing videos about our game :)

If you don't wear your mask, YOU... SHALL NOT... PASS!


Hello Revenant Games and thanks for playing.

Our intention with this game is to show that it is not easy to deal with a crisis like this and not just about stopping the virus. So yes, you have to make compromises to keep a balance between happiness, economy and health.

But you’re right, in an ideal world, if you don’t wear a mask : YOU... SHALL NOT... PASS !

In theme with the current dramas in the world, this game is realy pleasant to play and to see with his beatifull low poly graphics.

I only played a few minutes because their is no real difficulties and fun. It would be cool to have it in VR and being able to take items, drop it to people faces and stuff ! :)

Good job !

Thanks ! Yes, doing it in VR with more interactions is indeed something we discussed and should probably do with more development time ;)

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I really enjoyed playing this game for the most part, other than there being not much to it, it has a lot of potential! :)

Yes, we imagined a lot of interaction that could be included if the game were to go further in a wider scope of development so thank you for your comment ^^ Glad you enjoyed it

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In the end I had fun messing around with this game. Just wish there was a bit more to it. 


We corrected some spelling mistakes ^^" Thanks for the video feedback

found a game to play or recorded

Hope you will enjoy it :)


Thanks :)